Secrets of Divine Beauty

What is beauty?

Beauty is being original

Beauty is being true

Beauty is projection of soul

Beauty is speaking our mind

Beauty is volume of health

Beauty is living peacefully in body

Working as acosmetodermtologist for last 24 years.seen over lakhs of patients.studied a variety of disease..this is my realization of beauty.

As a cosmetodermatologist every client wants a quick fix.

Innumerable research on molecules and physics of lasers.has taken a forefront.who has the time to understand.

Why do I have a disease ?

A combination of scientific revolution with a good work on lifestyle needs a relook to approach to disease.

Treatment with best research molecules,take quality time to counsel and show right path to living towards true beauty.

Let me tell you a story of gopis

beauty2 min

When gopis got to know that Krishna is coming.they started adorning themselves with flowers ,kajal,silken clothes.each one doing best.the thought that lord is going to see them itself sent a wave of joy,love all through mind and body.My view is ,god is residing in our soul.lord looks at me every second.So I need tolook beautiful naturally.Adorning myself will make me feel happy and confident.happy hormones release thus every karma I do will lead to success in life.


Having a beautiful mind with positive thoughts

Eating wholesome food with exercise is beauty of health

Holding immense love at heart at every moment

Holding lords  name with every breath of work is divine beauty of soul

Now comes arole of cosmetodermatologist with latest treatments

1.Chemical peels-for clearing all blemishes

cpeel min

2. Microdermabrasion for instant smooth skin

s1 1024x482 min min

3. Laser Carbon peel for instant bright glow

carbonpeel2 min
s2 min
bc min

4. Hydrafacial with pack for fairness

5.Skin tightening for instant lift, erase lines n wrinkles

bf1.jpeg min
af1.jpeg min

6 .Fractional Laser to smoothen all scars

7. Body shaping for the overall curves

8. Weight reduction for a health n beauty

9. Lights, IPL to shed all pimples

b1.jpeg 777x1024 min

10 .IV nutrition Antioxidants for reversing ageing of skin and body

11. Vampire lift for appealing skin

prp min

12. Mesotherapy for that real shine in skin

prp2 min

13. Lip peels n fillers for perfect smile

14.Dermaroller for instant glass skin

15.PRP  for dark circles 16 Crowning glory hairs, Dermaroller with growth factors

b2.jpeg 1024x684 min
b3.jpeg 1024x682 min

17. Eyebrows in perfect shape with Microblading

18.Eyelashes which give dreamy look to eyes

19.Mole that steals away the show

20.Feet that are really soft on walk

21.Research based latest Cosmeceuticals..from head to toe

Pamper yourself .

Are you ready to redefine beauty

Are you ready to walk the path of DIVINE BEAUTY..

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