little experience

Little experience

A lazy sunday woke up late Hormonal havoc of perimenupause created a low mood this morning a walk,was a ritual and i could not recentre myself to positive note.i did not feel like listening to my daily affirmations too.
I understood my mind was reeling in past marathi they say,kalta pan walat nahi.. some wounds stay buried they need to be brought up again and clean the soul.
I decided to change my mood with ginger hot cuppa i sat in my backyard garden i hushed the healthy furry 🐈.it was all a rough mood.

As i sat lord what is store for me..and suddenly two tiny flowers fell on my lap.
Wow they were tiny liitle ones but so intricately designed that i started observing the little petals the pollen the hyphen..all my knowledge of botany trying to recollect and name each part of the little flower.the yellow on tip attracts the honeybee was so enchanting.
I really was mesmerised at the art work of nature,god,universe.
This little tiny flower taught me a lesson of the day.
Each of us are tiny creatures of this whole magnificent universe
I too am designed as a unique character.lord stays in my soul and what can i create out of this beautiful day..
I can help a patient with treatment
I can pamper my mom.give her a best day of love
I can treat my daughter with special food on terrace
Then a third flower fell on my lap just to remind me my day is full of miarcles from nature..
Nature keeps giving ..
Can i do that Today.
Today i shall make my day a best day..
Alas ,the mood the attitude changed..
3 little flowers were smiling at me..and i also gave a lovely smile.

Days can be good,bad..
Time with nature
Stay mindful
Refresh set an attitude..

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