morning moonlight


Today morning as i woke up at 4.10 am.i had some wonderful message from lord
Morning began in ecstatic i came in backyard of home it was dark,silence echoing
Cool breeze swept over my face with a mild aroma of flowers,mud,air
As i was in ecstatic plane of mind every piece around me seemed a miracle dream
I was same surrounding eas same.
What gave me the different feel??
what made me ecstatic was,
My emotions ,my state of mind

As i walked through the backyard,it was still dark.
I realised in the darkness i was basking in white light.with enamour i looked up to sky.
Beside the concrete construction,i swa beautiful moon showring lovelight on me.Basking in light of love made me feel all the more ecstatic.
I simply lived in a moment of white light of Love-An Ecstatic Morning

Realisation-Amidst dark of life a ray of light,hope can fill you with light of love
As you have patience darkness fades away and morning awakens

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