secrets of drinking water

Secrets of Drinking Water for Glowing Skin

Let me tell you my story .I finished my MD in DERMATOLOGY with gold medal and best scholarship student in 1996.

In 1999 suddenly one night I was rolling with immense pain a real colick. Excruciating pain made my tears roll down it was midnight past 12 and i was alone at home with my baby few months old. At that hour of night I did not want to disturb anyone ,I tolerated the pain till dawn. Morning my sonography revealed Kidney stones.

All these days I was a theory Doctor. LIFE gave me a jolt and I learnt the art of drinking water. From that day till date I am a great fan of this wonderful miracle drink, WATER. I am simply in love with water.

Read till the end to unfold all secrets of GLOWING skin simply by drinking water.

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A magic Divine drink, a lifeline of UNIVERSE


BODY is 60 to 70%water

Brain is 70%   water

Blood is 90% water

SKIN is 30 % WATER

So you know how important WATER is now

Let us know   , what happens if we consume less water.

1 Body-   dehydration  , backache ,dry throat, muscle cramp, bad odour ,constipation.

2 Brain-headache, reduce energy, reduce ability to do fine movements, poor memory, tired, unable to focus on work , more sensitive to pain

3 Blood reduced OXYGEN flow to cells, risk of heart   attack , paralysis ,stroke

4 SKIN reduce elasticity, dry skin, visible lines on face  , wrinkles, dark circles ,dull skin, lifeless skin, dry chapped lips, crack feet, patchy skin ,itching skin, reduce sweating , fever

Now let’s understand some facts to follow

How to consume Water?

How much to consume?

When to consume ?

1 Early morning as soon as you WAKE UP

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2 to 3 glasses of water prefer warm water  before brushing teeth

Each glass of 200 ml

1 hour prior to breakfast 1 to 2 glass of water

Noon before lunch 1 hour prior 1 to 2 glass of water

Evening 1 to 2 glass of water

1 hour before dinner 1 to 2 glass, prefer warm water at this time

Habit needs to be BUILD at slow pace

Be consistent , slow n steady is   My advise Now some of my secrets.


1 When you meditate in morning   ,as you chant LORDS name keep a glass of water. Drink that water

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2 Drink tirth prasad holy water, beauty is we consume only few drops to hold in palms.

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As LORD has highest divine frequency, the tirth  has immense you have few drops  it just moistened our mucosal lining, helps in preventing malodour ,digestion

This is a ritual in many religions .tirth purifies our SOUL

3. Power of subconscious mind.. DR Murphy says,other scientific studies sayTalk  to Water in POSITIVE note, molecular structure changes

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4 Say Thank You Every time you drink water

W12 min

5 Drink water hold on for few seconds ,simply enjoy the feeling of moist mouth

W3 min

6 As you drink water feel the warmth ,chill ,fluidity of water deep down till your stomach and intestine

I AM doing it since many years.

Thank you LORD for this miracle drink quenched my THIRST satisfies me in Body, Heart, Mind and Soul .

I simply Love Water .


Take a picture of face front view, side views

Complete the challenge of 21 days

Take a picture of face front and side views

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Upload before and after pictures

Wow.. see the difference…

My promise…you look Beautiful

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