sensitive skin

Sensitive Skin

1.Do you have sensitive skin?

Many people complain of sensitive skin.

2.Who has sensitive skin?

75% are women, 40% men

Frequent  use of tioletaries like soaps, perfumes, cosmetics is an exaggerating factor

They have redness, burning, stinging, tightness of skin & pruritis

Young adults have more compared to age above 50 years

In body face is common sensitive area

Product with sodium laurel sulphate   ,paraben can cause sensitive skin

3.Why do we have sensitive skin ?

Thin skin, dry skin

Sensitive nerve endings

Reduce skin barrier function Atopic Dermatitis, Rosacea, Photodermatitis are more susceptible

4.Test for sensitive skin are

Lactic cid test


Patch test




Physical sunscreen

Calamine, zinc oxide


Powder cosmetics

Cosmetic <10 ingredients

Foundation cream

Water soluble cosmetics Use minimal cosmetics

Soapfree cleanser

Fragrance free products

Paraben free products

Remove make up as early as possible


Don’t change

Toiletries  like soap,foundation,lipsticks

No product with sodium laurel sulphate

No cosmetics with more than 10 ingredients

No nail polish

No hair dyes

No scrub

No vapour

Reduce exposure to sun and heat..(cooking)

Sensitive skin -Mental frame of mind

Short tempered

Poor social adjustment skills

Holding on to anger, hurt emotions

Stay calm, peacefull at mind so your skin will relax and glow.

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