super foods for glowing skin

Super Foods for Beautiful Skin

Gut- Brain-BeautyHypothesis

We have always heard story saying what you eat so you become . so very true proves scientific articles.

As per scientific research gut micriobial flora play an important role in inflamation in body.
Many skin diseases like Acne,Atopic Dermatitis, Psoriasis are related to inflamation
Skin homeostasis when maintained functions correctly with temperature regulation,TEWL, protection
Gut has segmental film.bacteria that regulates Th17,Th1
Gut microbes. have peptidoglycan regulates TLreceptor
Role of TLR it recognises pathogen triggers cascade of events
Study shows lactobacilli when given improves TEWL,skin barrier,mast cell degranulation,reduces TNF alpha
Gut dysbiosis , Acne both have increased P-acne bacteria
Hypochlorhydria in stomach migration of bacteria to intestine.Intestine dysbiosis causes malabsorption of nutrients,carbohydrates, folic acid,zinc.
This affects psychology mood swings
Role of probiotic
Probiotic works against P acne
Reduce sebaceous gland activity
Reduce keratinocyte proliferation

Add foods with pro-biotics to improve Gut Flora, correct brain signaling and enjoy beautiful skin.

Probiotics diet in india
1 yoghurt
2 Butter milk
3 Paneer
4 Idli,dosa
5 Green peas
6 Soy milk
7 Dhokla
8 Garlic
9 Onion
10 Red kidney bean
11 Banana
13 Water melon
14 Custard apple
15 Grape
16 Almond
17 Pistachio
18 Flax seed

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